Muddy Dust Storm Hits | Car Maintenance Wash Process!

Products used in video:
Shine Supply Wise Guy
Shine Supply Wise Guy

Nv Purge
Purge | Reactive Wheel Cleaner

CarPro Hydro2

Nv Snow
Snow | PH Neutral Wash

CarPro DeHydrate
CarPro MF DeHydrate Dry Towel

CarPro Elixir
CarPro EliXir Quick Detailer

CarPro Perl
CarPro PERL Surface Coating

Music Tracks in Order of Play:
One of Us by Dyllan
Up in the Air by ikoliks
A Thousand Little Fires by Anthony Lazaro
End Time Delusion by Michael FK
Unafraid by Toxic Hearts
Himalaya by Anthony Lazaro


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