Lil Wash, Lil Decon, Lil Polish – Winter Driven Square Body Chevy Detail!

This square body chevy came in dirty, covered in snow, and littered in sanding scratches! We addressed all these issues in the best ways we know how. Starting off with a bit of a thaw, pressure washing snow all over the shop has proven to be not the best idea in the past. Next we did a complete wash and paint decontamination to remove all of the dirty this truck had picked up, followed by any contamination on the paint in order to prep it for paint correction. The truck has been painted fairly recently but there were a serious amount of sanding marks and regular defects to remove in order to get this finish up to an acceptable look. So thats exactly what we did, a 2 step paint correction, what we were left with was a heaaaavy metallic black paint that really does this awesome classic justice. I hope you al enjoy the video! Its mixed to have the satisfying/ASMR bits that you love along with music when the sounds are mostly blow out. Enjoy!

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Links for everything in this video!

Wheel Cleaning Products:

Comet Pressure Washer:
MTM Hydro Parts Shorty Wand:
CarPro Iron X:
IK Sprayers Foam PRO 2:
Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner:
Wheel Woolies:
Chemical Guys Boars Hair Brush(Yellow):
Chemical Guys Tire Brush:
CarPro Perl Tire Dressing:

Wash and Decon Products:

Meguiar's Shampoo Plus:
Adams Wash Mitt(Grey):
5 Gallon Buckets With Gamma Seal Lids:
Bucket Grit Guard:
The Rag Company Double Twistress Drying Towel:
IK Sprayers Multi 2:
Optimum No Rinse(Clay Lubricant):
Affordable Clay Bars:
CarPro Iron X:
CarPro Tar X:

Paint Correction + Protection Products:

Rupes LHR15 Mark III:
Rupes LHR75E:
Rupes Nano Long Neck:
Griots Fast Correcting Cream:
Griots Perfecting Cream:
Lake Country 5 Inch Microfibre Cutting Pads:
Griots 3 Inch Orange Polishing Pads:
Lake Country CCS Polishing Pads:
Milwaukee Dual Power Rocket Light:
P&S Beadmaker:

Camera Gear:

Sony A7iii:
50MM Emount Lens:
Rode VideoMic:

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