Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Line | See What The Auto Detailing Pros Have To Say

Introducing Hybrid Solutions Pro, 3 pro-level polish & wax innovations that provide unmatched protection and value using nothing but the absolute best technology in the auto detailing world.

We infused not one, but two of these formulas with the most powerful substance in the car care game: graphene. With it, our Flex Wax and To the Max Wax are unstoppable forces of durability, protection, high-gloss shine and slickness. And if that weren’t enough their tighter Web of Protection brings water repellency and UV protection that’s, dare we say it, unrivaled.

And we didn’t stop there. With 1 & Done Compound, our third innovation, Precision Platelet Technology safely corrects and finishes paint surfaces without having to switch products. It’s a must for any detailing arsenal to say the least that can be used as a heavy-duty compound or light polish.

Don't just take our word for it -- see what auto experts @Apex Detail @Pan TheOrganizer @Car Cleaning Guru and Jason Killmer think of our new Pro line!

Learn more about both products and the power of graphene at

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