Car Detailing & Aston Martin Vantage V12! Maintenance Wax & Ceramic Spray Coating!

In Todays Car Detailing video i show you a simple maintenance wash on an Aston Martin Vantage V12 and apply a base layer of Yum Ceramic. All Car cleaning products use in this video are From Yum Cars.

Starting off with the wheels and this was the first time i got to try out the caliper wheel woolies with both small and large brushes. This was also the first time i got my hands on Yum Wash and this was filmed back in the summer and the performance of this shampoo was incredible! Its a no nonsense streak free shampoo that's very slick and smells great too. It ticks all the boxes and one that is perfect for any Weekend Warrior or anyone who is serious about car cleaning!

Cameras used to film:

Sony Camera -
My Mic -
Tripod -

My Equipment

My Pressure Washer -
Charles Vac -

Car Washing Tools:

G Techniq Wash Mitt -
Kent Wash Noodle -

Drying Tools I use

Microfibre Drying towel -
Car Dryer Same spec as mine -
Flunky -
Microfibre Cloths -


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