The Best Car Detail Brush costs $6.99 (and Autozone says it’s for wheels)

The ProElite Wheel Face Cleaning Brush is the best interior car detail brush and costs only $6.99. Autozone markets this as a clear coat safe wheel cleaning brush but you'll quickly discover, just like I did, that this is among the best detail brushes available to buy. This detail brush as Autozone will be the one you grab each and every time from your collection of dusty auto detailing brushes.

Its long, soft, flexible bristles will clean the interior of your car like no other brush can. It's got a wide surface area to get the job done quickly. Dusty vents, switches knobs and any other hard to reach area on the interior of your vehicle will wipe clean usually in a single pass and no more than a few back and forth motions. Personally, I wouldn't even recommend this brush for its intended purpose as it's too delicate and gentle to clean a car wheel or rim, but makes easy work of all the insides crevices found in your car, truck, van or suv.

View this auto detailing brush on Autozone's website:


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