ASK CAR DETAILING QUESTIONS! | Q&A Thursday #99 | December 24th, 2020

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It's Christmas Eve! (Oh, and time for Q&A THURSDAY!) As always, Dane, Levi & Anthony are here to help answer your detailing & automotive questions in a special MORNING edition of Q&A Thursday!

😱 Looking for the all-new Rags To Riches (R2R) Microfiber Detergent for bringing sealed-up microfiber back from the dead? We've got you covered right here:

Want to know more about Rags To Riches (R2R) Microfiber Detergent? Check out our FAQ:

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The Rag Company is a worldwide provider of premium microfiber & auto detailing products for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, aircraft and a whole lot more!
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Hosts: Dane Hennen, Levi Gates, Anthony Fisher
Produced by: Nick Kovach, Tim O'Brien

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