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A crazy Subaru Before and After, this was some very dirty car detailing. Here's before and after dirty car detailing on this subaru WRX STI hatchback that came to us for a one step correction and coating but ended up getting much more than that in the condition it came in. before and after subaru

We removed some nasty old clear bra but had to leave some behind because it would have taken way too much labor to remove. This was a very dirty car detail for sure and the customer was ecstatic about the difference before and after paint correction on his car.

Now when he gets his subaru STI dirty, it will be much easier to clean as we applied Artdeshine Nano Graphene coating after the paint correction service, Artdeshine Nano Graphene coating is a 3-5 year rated graphene coating. Graphene technology is new to the detailing and coating industry, it is the latest in car paint coating technology and is supposed to reduce water spotting damage on your paint and other surfaces as graphene does not retain as much heat as a ceramic coating. When a ceramic coating retains heat after say a bird poops on your car, it will cause the bird poop to etch and stain very easily. Graphene coating technology is supposed to retain less heat and lead to less etching or less harsh etching in your clear coat. There is a lot of skepticism about graphene because people do not understand what it is that is being put into the nano graphene coating and graphene detail sprays and other graphene products. Companies like Artdeshine and SPS have RGo or reduced graphite oxide in the coating which will blend unlike actual graphene that needs to be heated to 600 degrees to melt. There are companies like Adams and other DIY detailing product companies that are releasing Graphene Ceramic coatings, graphene detail sprays and even graphene tire dressing that are just taking advantage of the marketing term Graphene and likely their products are full of it. Mixing graphene in with ceramic will have no real effect and does not make it a stronger coating as they claim and also how can they claim 7 years durability on a coating they just released with no testing......

But companies like Artdeshine and SPS have legitimate graphene coatings and i've been installing them with ease and great results for a year now. I have seen a reduction in water damage and etching to my customers cars who are coated in graphene over ceramic. You can apply the graphene coating to paint, trim, clear bra, wheels, calipers, paint protection film, windows, etc and experience great gloss and hydrophobic effects.

If you are interested in applying graphene to your vehicle and you live locally in orange county CA, we offer a fully mobile service for paint correction, clear bra, window tint ,ceramic coating, graphene coatings and more to cities such as mission viejo, irvine, huntington beach, newport beach, newport coast, laguna hills, laguna beach and many other orange county CA cities. Give us a call or email in at we hope to see you soon!

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