1K Subs Special Part 3: Clean & Green Car Wash: Marlborough Site

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*WARNING: To the people who are sensitive to fast flashing lights, do NOT watch this video!*

For the final part of my 1K subscribers special, I wanted to check out Clean & Green’s Marlborough location which is a lot smaller than the Shrewsbury location.

This location isn’t that old. It was built around 2010 and opened in 2011. this site has a express tunnel and 3 detailing bays. There are vacuums on the property, but there are not a lot. Unlike the Shrewsbury site, this location mostly uses all PECO equipment, but the dryers are International Drying Corp units, which are VERY loud. Both locations do prep and towel dry every car, regardless what wash package the customer chooses.

This wash tunnel has basically the same set up as the North Andover Car Wash and Glacier Car Wash. All of them use PECO equipment while this wash and North Andover Car Wash have different drying systems. All washes have a Front to Back Mitter, 2 sets of wraps, a side to side Mitter, rocker panel brushes, wheel brushes, rinse arches and wheel blasters. Glacier doesn’t towel dry while Clean & Green and North Andover do towel dry. All 3 washes do prep cars.

The wash shown in this video was the $22 Ultimate Wash which included:

*Simoniz Shield
*Simoniz VisionClear
*Simoniz Wheel Bright
*Clean & Green Foam Bath
*Underbody Flush
*Soft Cloth Wash
*Turbo Dry
*Hand Towel Dry

Wash Quality: amazing! The dryers didn’t work that great but the employee at the end did a fantastic job of towel drying the rest of the water off!


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