Teaching Han Lue How To Wash A Car | Weekend Wash

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In this weekend wash video Eric from Gtechniq and I teach Sung Kang AKA Han Lue from The Fast and The Furious how to properly maintain his Datsun 240Z.

Products used in this Video:
Gtechniq GWash -
Gtechniq W5 Citrus All Purpose Cleaner -
Gtechniq W4 Citrus Foam -
Gtechniq W6 Iron and General Fallout Remover -
Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass -
Gtechniq MF4 Diamond Sandwich Microfibre Drying Towel -
MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon -
AR Blue Clean AR630TSS-1900 PSI Pressure Washer -



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Leather Conditioner -
Fabric Protection -
Clay Bar -
Glass cleaning towel -
Dirt lock – bucket insert -
The AM Details product line -
Car wash soap -
3M Plastic Car Cover Sheeting -
Tar Remover -
Optimum No Rinse -
My favorite polish -
My favorite drying towel -
Products for matte paint care -
Lake Country Buffing pads -
Platform Step Ladder -
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The Conquerer -
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