Paintwork Correction & Ceramic Coating – Aston Martin DB9GT Volante -Vehicle Detailing

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Hello guys we've put together this little video to show you the results of Matrix Black Ceramic Coat on this stunning Aston Martin DB9GT Volante.

Danny has completed a snow foam decontamination wash removing all dirt and debris from the paintwork which eliminates the chance of dirt damaging the paintwork surface during the machine polishing stage

The machine polishing can then take place, this DB9GT wasn't it that bad of condition so not a lot of elbow grease need by Danny and his Rupes machine polisher. We still followed the 3 Stage Paint Correction finalised with an IPA clean down before the Matrix Black Ceramic Coating is applied.

Here are some benefits of Ceramic Coating

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Protection from Chemical Stains

Hydrophobic Nature, Ease of Cleaning

Extreme Gloss Enhancement

Protection From Water Spots

Protection From Scratches, Swirls & Holograms

Do you need any more reason? Get in touch, let’s discuss your custom package 📦 📲

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