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MAXSHINE Ultra foaming car wash soap on a ford mustang GT. The other day we got together with MAXSHINE USA and they provided us with the lovely gift of some products, since our car wash guy (Manny's Detailing) was there to do a car for us already, we re-gifted him the foam cannon, ultra foaming wash and an 1100 GSM towel to use while he removed a bunch of vinyl wrap residue pieces off this Black Ford Mustang GT we just spent all morning removing very failed vinyl wrap factory stripes off the car. It was bad.

The MAXSHINE USA Ultra Foaming Car Wash soap is not released yet for purchase but will be soon! It will be available on They also sell some great and highly reviewed polishers I have been told are up to date and on par with the latests Rupes model polishers.

The MAXSHINE ultra foaming car wash soap foamed up beautifully and stuck to the surface very well! It was not too thick and easy to move your wash mitt through, it also smelled pleasantly like apples. The MAXSHINE foam cannon worked very well also as most of the higher grade foam cannons do, although it looks very similar to many models on the market. The soap dissipated quickly once it was rinsed off and hit the ground.. Our vinyl wrap particle covered Ford Mustang GT was looking fresh and clean once more! The car is going to be wrapped fully again by Templar Wraps to another color which I am unsure of and will likely be covered in 3M, Avery Dennison or KPMF vinyl wrap films.

The MAXSHINE ultra foaming wash soap worked fantastic on this car and is definitely a great soap product to try out! I can't imagine it will be very expensive to purchase, MAXSHINE products can be found at many detailing stores and websites all over the place, their USA headquarters is in Brea California, so pretty close to us here at Wicked Auto Detailing. They dropped us off a bunch of great products and I can't wait to test them all out in some upcoming videos!

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