2020 Camaro ZL1 Detail | The Worst New Car Paint Ever | P1 Inspection, Wash & Decontamination

Products used in Video:
CarPro Multi-X
CarPro Multi X All Purpose Cleaner

Nv Purge
Purge | Reactive Wheel Cleaner

Nv Snow+
Snow+ | Heavy Duty Wash

Nv Clarity
Clarity | Streak Free Cleaner

Waxit PTG
Waxit Paint Thickness Gauge

CarPro Masking Tape
CarPro Masking Tape - 4 Sizes

TakeNow Detailing Light
Take Now Handheld Detailing Light

Music tracks in order of play:
Tape Machine by Veaceslav Dragonov
Reprise by Veaceslav Dragonov
Watercolour by Kitrano
Take Off by Veaceslav Dragonov
Hiding in the dark by Stanley Gurvich
Sunset by Flint
So Bad by Generation Lost
Arcade by Generation Lost
Something New by Generation Lost


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