2020 Camaro ZL1 Detail | The Worst New Car Paint Ever | P2 Paint Correction!

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Products featured in video:
Nv Clarity Panel Wipe
Clarity | Streak Free Cleaner

Taken Detailing Light
Take Now Handheld Detailing Light

Shine Mate EB 351 Polisher 6/21
Shine Mate EB351-6/21 6" Cordless Polisher

Shine Mate EB 351 Polisher 5/12
Shine Mate EB351-5/12 5" Cordless Polisher

Shine Mate EB 351 Polisher 3/12
Shine Mate EB351-3/12 3" Cordless Polisher

Rupes TA50 Polisher
Rupes TA50 Orbital Sander/Polisher (AIR)

Rupes iBrid Polisher
Rupes Bigfoot Nano Ibrid

Scholl Concepts S2 Black Compound
S2 Black High Performance Compound

Nv Finesse Polish
Finesse | Versatile Finishing Compound

Rupes Blue Coarse Wool Pad
Rupes Bigfoot Blue Coarse Wool Pad

Shine Mate Red Foam Finishing Pad
Shine Mate - Black Diamond Red Foam Finishing Pad (4"/6"/7")

Music tracks in order of play:
Ocean by Stanley Gurvich
Stuck in a Loop by Stanley Gurvich
In Our Hands by Michael FK
When the Sunrise by Sivan Talmor
Towards the Dawn by Michael FK
Sonder by Michael Fk
Something New by Generation Lost
Where Are We Going by Aaron Kellim


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