Complete Car Detailing – DIY and SAVE!

This weekends project is " Complete Car Detailing " I will be covering every step in detail and providing an explanation of all the products, what they are used for, and demonstrate how to apply this products to your car safely.

Detailing steps:
1: Grease and wax removal - this is the first step in prepping your cars surface and getting ready for detailing.
2: ClayBar - here we will use a clay bar and lubricant to remove contaminants and pollutants from your cars paint surface.
3: Buffing compound - this is the first phase of paint correction or scratch/swirl removal .
4: Polishing - this phase is to remove any fine remaining defects and prep your surface for waxing/sealing. This step is IMPORTANT!
5: Wax/Seal - The final step! time to protect your hard work and really make your car shine!

Listed below you find a list of all the products used in this video and link to them on Amazon. Please consider using the channels affiliate link, as this helps support the channel which allows me to bring you guys more awesome content!

Thank You for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video!

ChemicalGuy's microfiber towles -
ChemicalGuy's butter wet wax -
ChemicalGuy's wax hand applicator -
ChemicalGuy's Buffing Pads kit with cleaner -
ChemicalGuy's microfiber applicator pads -
ChemicalGuy's waffle microfiber drying towel -
Amazon Basics Drying Chamois -
Meguiars Clay Bar kit -
ChemicalGuy's Clay Bar kit -
Meguiars Ultimate Polish -
Meguiars Ultimate Compound -
Meguiars m205 ultra cut (Bigger jobs) -
Porter Cable Polisher -



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