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Today I've something really important for new and old car owners . For car enthusiast ever shiny and new looking car which resonates their personality is a dream situation .We do spend a lot of money and efforts to keep it in a good condition .
This video is all about deep cleaning and polishing vehicles at home .

equipment used :
Ideal power tool's :- Polishing Machine

products used: -
1) Wurth Rubbing Polish
2) Formula 1 carnauba paste wax
3) Motomax Dashboard Polish
4) Car interior cleaning liquid ( Same as Household Floor cleaning Liquid )
5) Wurth car Shampoo
6) Tyre Polish

songs : -
1) Sub Urban - Cradles [NCS Release]

2) Max Brhon - Cyberpunk【GMV】

3) artist : - Dj Dark - Deep India (Online Video)

Disclaimer :-

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