MINI Life | Group wash at Gleam Auto Detailing and asked my friends why they bought their MINI

What's up guys! My iMac is broken down, editing today just using some laptop and without Premiere Pro *sigh*

It's the lockdown 2.0 again, luckily managed to squeeze in a full weekend of drives (I had to fill up full tank TWICE) but happy to have done so. Now having an incredibly dirty car, decided to meet up and wash our MINIs at Newton's new location in Puchong. Check out the links below.

A question often heard is "Why did you buy a MINI?". Let's hear from these owners for their own reasons of buying. Til the next one, cheers!

Gleam Auto Detailing - car wash, detailing, coating and others

The Cooper Cartel - a new MINI community for the modified kakis

MINI Pattern Group - active group founded by old timers in the MINI community, do join us there as well!


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