BRAND NEW: Belanger Kondor KL2 || Hudson Car Wash

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After visiting the Pheasant Lane Mall, I noticed on google maps a self service car wash that recently got a major renovation and it included adding a touch free automatic. So obviously, I wanted to check it out.

Only about a month ago, this entire car wash was closed for major renovations. It was formally called the Clean Monster Car Wash and at that time, it was a all self service bay car wash. It also had a detailing bay where cars can get detailed. Recently, the car wash was under new ownership and only a few days after being bought, the entire wash was closed for renovations. This included new self service bay equipment, new vacuums and a Touch Free automatic in one of the older self service bays!

They had to extend the end of the self service bay to install the dryers because if they didn’t, they would’ve had to not have any dryers. But it does which surprises me as this wash is close by to residential complexes. Anyways, the new touch free wash is a Belanger Kondor KL2 with a Washify Pay Station. Tbh, I’m not surprised that they went with a Kondor as they are extremely common to find in Massachusetts. It seems that the Kondor is more popular than the Saber, which means I could see the Saber being discontinued soon.

The wash shown in this video was the Ultimate + Ceramic Wash which included:

*Ceramic Coating
*Double Presoak
*Triple Foam
*Underbody Blast
*Wheel & Rocker Blast
*Hot Wax
*Clear Coat Protectant
*Rain Repellent
*Sealer Wax
*Blow Dry

Wash Quality: amazing! One of the best touch free washes I’ve been through! While I didn’t like that the triple foam was applied over the Presoak, all of the Kondor systems in my area do that, so I have to deal with it. Besides that, this is a great car wash and I highly recommend it!


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