How to Clean Car Interior WITHOUT Special Tools [auto detailing]

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We'll show you how to maintain and detail the interior of (y)our own car. Without using an extractor or a steamer, as not everyone has those tools and if your seats and carpets are not really dirty or if you want to care for them in between full details they are not mandatory. The entire interior gets cleaned using my favourite all purpose cleaner Green Star from Koch Chemie. For the leather seats I used the Leather Cleaner from AutoFinesse and the Leader Star from Koch Chemie for feeding it afterwards. The plastics are protected by 303 Aerospace protectant. As I was also puppy sitting while doing this routine interior maintenance you'll see a bit more of Chico, our Frenchie. Spoiler alert: This video is more meant as pure entertainment and a little how-to rather than a showcase of a disaster vehicle or a super detailed detailing.

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00:00 Inspecting Car
00:42 Vacuum and Dusting
04:36 Cleaning with Green Star
09:10 Leather Cleaning
10:27 Leather Feeding
11:34 Plastic Protection with 303
12:27 Windows
13:59 Final Result

I have no endorsements or paid promotions/product placement deals so the products I use are simply the ones I enjoy using. They do shift over time, so feel free to let me know your opinions on them, and if you feel I should test something else instead.

IG: theninjacleaner.official

Products used:
(Links for the German Amazon)

Bissell SpotClean Professional -
Karcher K4 -
Karcher SC5 Steamer -
DAS6v2 Polisher -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Drying Towel -
Glass Waffle Weave Towel -
Black Nitrile Gloves -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
Grit Guards -
Bottom washer - + (Karcher adapter)
Pet hair brush -
IK Foam Hand Sprayer -
Invisible Glass Cleaner -

The brushes I use on the interior are from a wide range of brushes, any of the cheaper sets of soft brushes combined with a few boar hair brushes will work in all honesty.
For carpets, leather, and the wheels I opt for Mother's brushes.

Koch Chemie Green Star -
Koch Chemie Foam -
Koch Chemie Leather Star -
Koch Chemie Glass Cleaner -
303 Aerospace -
Turtle Spray Wax -
Iron X -
Tire Gel -
Auto Finesse Leather Cleaner -
Air Freshener -
Soft 99 Fusso Coat -
Koch Chemie Fine Cut -
Brake Buster -

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