Abandoned Mouldy Smart Rescued (Part 1 of 2) – Exterior Car Detailing ASMR

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We are back! 😀 After lots of difficulties in 2020, I finally got some time now to work on this video. It was filmed back in May 2020... 😅

This tiny Smart Fortwo was standing on a driveway, for the elements, completely untouched and neglected for long-long months (that is why it got so dirty outside and mouldy inside), before I got it - to give it a thorough proper scrub and basically rescue it... This lovely little car has definitely deserved another chance - especially after seeing the end results; you can now see in this video how I deep cleaned its exterior and brought it back to life (in ASMR style, of course). 😉

I wanted to create a relaxing, therapeutic car cleaning experience, where the focus goes on the cleaning process itself with its unique, soothing noises and the sounds of nature, without disturbing music and talking, to ultimately represent that how a car is getting cleaned and show the real beauty of the art of car detailing. 😊

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