DISASTER Car Detailing ASMR / Honda CRV (Satisfying)

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In this video I detail a customer's nasty Honda CRV. This cleaning turned out really good and I'm excited to share it with everyone and show how satisfying it is to watch this interior detailing transformation.

I changed my editing style a little bit for this video. I sped up the clips and took out the music and most of the voiceovers. Now it's easier to hear the sounds of the vacuums, brushes, and other equipment. I like the way the video ended up and I hope you guys do to!

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0:00 Intro/Before Pics
0:39 Taking Garbage Out
1:15 Vacuuming
4:20 Cleaning Mats
5:04 Carpet Cleaning
5:59 Plastic Cleaning
7:21 Plastic Shine Finish
7:45 Leather Conditioner
8:35 Window Cleaning
9:03 Outro/After Pics


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