Range Rover LWB Autobiography Wedding Car Preparation – Interior Deep Clean // Wet Vac Extraction

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In this video, I'll go through the steps of how I valet/detail the interior of this Range Rover Autobiography.

In the scheme of things, the interior isn't too filthy, but hopefully, you will enjoy the video and pick up some tips along the way.

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Extraction Vacuum BISSELL SpotClean Pro -
Drill Brush attachment -
Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam -
Bilt Hamber Korrosol -
Bilt Hamber Surfex -
Auto Finesse Tripple all in one polish -
KKD Car Shampoo -
EZ Wheel Brush -
Wash Mitt -
Detail Factory Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush Small -
Carpro Perl - Multi-Purpose Dressing -
Sonax Perfect Finish Polish -
Britemax Metal Polish -

Pressure Washer: Kranzle K7
Wash Mitt: Chenille Wash Mitt
Car Shampoo: KKD pH Neutral Shampoo
All-Purpose Degreaser: KKD Citrus Magic
Quick Detail Spray: Bouncers Done & Dusted Si Edition/Koch Chemie FSE/Bead Maker
Limescale Remover: Labocosmetica Energo
Glass Cleaner: KKD Glass Cleaner or IPA 70%
Drying Towel: Korean Microfiber Twisted Pile Drying Towel

Wheel Cleaner: Ultimate Finish Wheel Cleaner diluted 1:10
Wheel Brush: ValetPro 1 Inch Wheel Brush
Wheel Brush Inner Barrel: EZ Wheel Brush
Iron Remover: Bilt Hamber Korrosol
Tyre Dressing: Carpro PERL
All-Purpose Degreaser: KKD Citrus Magic

Leather Cleaner: KKD Citrus Magic/Koch Chemie PO Star
Glass Cleaner: KKD Glass Cleaner or IPA 70%
Fabric Cleaner: KKD Citrus Magic/Koch Chemie PO Star
Dressing: Carpro PERL

Metal Polish: Britemax Easy Cut Polish/Labocosmetica Cronos

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