WINTER CAR WASH | Clean and Quick Detail of My Mazda MX-5 RF

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In this video, I'll be showing you a winter wash and maintenance detail on my little Mazda MX-5 RF. Quite a bit of grime had built up during some pretty bad winter weather so it was well in need of a clean.

Here's the full process and demo of a probably unnecessary amount of products! But hey, there's not much else to do at the moment except clean the car so I thought I may as well go all out!

Some of these products were bought, and others were sent by Garage Therapy, GB Detailing and Bouncer's Wax for free. However I was not obligated to make this video and feature any of these products. All my opinions expressed in this video are honest.

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Links to Product Reviews:
Bouncer's Wax
GB Detailing
Wax Planet 8 Below Snow Foam
Garage Therapy /TWO: Sigma

List of products used in the video:
Valet Pro Citrus Prewash (diluted 1/6)
Pyramid Car Care Citrus Prewash
Wax Planet 8 Below Snow Foam (diluted 1/10)
Garage Therapy /ONE: Wheel Shampoo (1/50 in an IK foamer)
Aenso ONE Pure Car Shampoo (approx 30-40ml in the bucket)
Detailic Car Care Verve Tyre and Trim Gel
GB Detailing Onxy Tyre and Trim Dressing
Garage Therapy /TWO: Sigma
GB Detailing Vitro Glass Cleaner

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Recommended Products

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