Cleaning Cloths and Tools – Buy Larger Microfiber Cloths from the Car-Cleaning Section.

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Did you know that if you buy your cloths from the car detailing section of department stores, the cloths are generally much larger than the ones that you will purchase from the home cleaning section? It's weird, isn't it? Sometimes larger cloths can be useful for you, and sometimes not. The larger cloths though, are very handy if you want to improvise and adapt one cleaning tool, to a different purpose. Just use those bulldog clips, or nappy pins, in order to secure your cloth to a broom, and then you can use it to clean hard-to-reach places, without the risks involved with using a ladder. In any case, you want to be using the right cloth for the job because then you will get the job done more efficiently and more effectively.

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✅ Disclaimer: Active Domestic Cleaning videos are intended to demonstrate methods of general cleaning within a domestic setting. These videos are recorded in my own home and I am not doing these jobs as a paid professional. Everyone responsible for the making, editing and uploading of these videos, expressly disclaim all and any liability and responsibility to all persons for the results of any actions taken, or advice followed, or due to any omissions or errors from the information obtained from Active Domestics Cleaning videos.
Remember to read all the information on the labels of the products that you choose and assess if it is suitable for the surface that you are cleaning.


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