Car Detailing or Car Valet? It’s a Valet!

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Our basic valet service delivers more than others car detailing services. Our mobile and static car valeting services serve Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Hunts, Bucks and further afield. 

A car valet or car detail?

The terminology used by operators can make it difficult for customers to understand what they are actually receiving for their money. At Autogleam Bedford we will only complete work to a very high standard, even on our basic level of service as that's the standard we work to an no less. This means that customers will benefit both visually and a level of finish which protects exterior finishes, prolonging appearances, encouraging self cleaning and ease of future washing. We will not put our name to anything less. This service is a basic car valet. 

Car detailing are also services we provide and that usually involves amongst other processes, decontamination of vehicle exterior surfaces, paint enhancement or correction, ceramic coatings, glass rain repellent, interior fabric & leather cleaning and protection and many other demands for high finishes. All these processes take long periods of time and can not be completed in 2 to 3 hours. That's just impossible. 

So a valet in our terms is a meticulous clean to cars, vans, lorries, motorhomes and all vehicles alike. 

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