Is it safe to use the CAR WASH on a CERAMIC COATED VEHICLE?! If so- HOW??

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I often times am asked the question by my customers- How do I maintain my ceramic coated or protected vehicle in the winter time? Is it safe for me to take it through the car wash? So I thought I would put together a small demonstration of how I would use the car wash during the winter to maintain your vehicle and how to properly maintain your ceramic coating. Most detailers would tell you to avoid the automatic car wash at all cost but when it's freezing conditions or you don't have access to water- what are your options? For those who rely on the automatic car wash, here are some tips on how to safely use it without damaging your ceramic coating for your vehicle.

If you'd rather avoid the car wash, remember Attention 2 Details can safely and effectively get your vehicle restored and protected for you!

***Always remember- use the non touch! Never use the soft touch!***

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Some other Ceramic Coating Toppers that would work:
Ethos Defy
Ethos Resist
Total Surface Protection Crush
Turtle Wax Flex spray wax
Gtechniq c2v3
OP Ceramic Detailer
and more...!


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