Auto Paint Rock Chip Repair System – How To Start A Auto Detailing Business

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Want to know how much money you can make using the ChipOff Auto Paint Rock Chip Repair System. Visit your local Pre-Owned Dealership. Start a New Business or Add an Additional Income Stream to Your Current Auto Service Business. Work With Pre-Owned Used Car Dealerships in your area. Fix Auto Paint Rock Chips. Easy to Learn and Simple To Use.

How large a chip will the paint repair effectively?
Chips much larger than a pencil eraser will begin to lose the 'dramatic' effect we advertise. You can still paint chips larger than this with quality results, but you may need to allow more drying time. The size, shape, depth, and color all factor into the outcome of each repair when you get into damage much larger than this.

Are the chips still visible after painting?
Some are, some aren’t. Most small chips are not visible unless you're trying to find them. “Road
rashed” vehicles contain thousands of small chips and most are not visible at all afterward, leaving the overall look of the vehicle dramatically improved. If you're trying to fix one single chip, you're probably going to still see it because you're looking for it.

Does it work well on all colors?
Chips on most car colors are dramatically reduced or visually eliminated.
Repairs on light silver and gold metallic colors generally look much better after the initial application, though sometimes they are still more visible because the edge of the chip is slightly darker and will catch your eye if large enough.

Will it work on all scratches?
Our paint system is primarily designed to address chips, but it will work well on certain types of scratches and poorly on others. There are several variables that determine repair quality.

ChipOff Auto Paint Chip Repair System Benefits For Used Car Dealerships:
No detection by a paint meter
Environmentally friendly
No EPA Problems
No Moving Cars, No Spraying, No Power Equipment
ZERO emissions, unlike airbrush, sprays
Satisfied customers mean increased revenues
Superior to Touch-Up Alternative to Painting Whole Car


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