Detailing A Dirty Daily | Smart ForTwo | Winter Car Wash & Snow Foam!

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This time round its back to detailing a dirty daily, and a very cold winter car wash!
Sit back and watch me detail my very own smart car. Enjoy this minus two car wash whilst your in the warm! In this video you will see how I clean wheels, how to use Bilt Hamber Surfex HD, Of course Snow Foaming and me washing the car!

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As always thanks for watching and stay tuned for more detailing content!

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BigBoi Pressure Washer:
UF Safe Wheel Cleaner:
Valet Pro Brush:
Bilt Hamber Surfex HD:
UF Spray Sealant:
UF Snow Foam:
UF Pure shampoo:
UF Wash Mitt:
Microfibre Madness Incredipad:
Kamikaze Drying Towel:
UF Glass Cleaner:
Auto Finesse Dressle:


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