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We take you on a journey to compare two leading brands of Iron Removers VS the Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe. Are Iron Removers Necessary? How Effective they really are? Do you need them at all? We compare them one and with Shocking results!

Iron Removers; This Is a special product that has the chemical ability to help remove Iron(III)oxide particles from your vehicle’s paintwork and wheels. When theIron Remover hits your paint or the wheels or the working surface, it loosens up these particles and allows you to easily and safely rinse them off.

Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe
Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe will clean your wheels and tires, easily destroys brake dust, oil & road grime without damaging or staining your wheels. Using the latest technology, Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe cleans any style wheel without acids, butyl ethers, harsh detergents, or other harmful chemicals. Our wheel cleaner is PH balanced and is clear coat safe! Safe for aluminum, chrome & alloy wheels, even hubcaps!!!

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