CAR DETAILING – 2007 Ford Focus ST is the FIRST car in the NEW GARAGE! This GLOSS is BOSSED!!

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An absolute beast of a motor; this 14 year old ST roared its way through snowy Lincolnshire to pop in to the new place for a gloss enhancement and protection detail.

This car had originally been booked for early winter 2020 but lockdown put an end to that, so both I, and the owner, were glad to be able to finally get this fast Ford in for some enhancement and protection following some substantial paint on the front end.

We weren’t chasing perfection on this one, just aiming to improve on its iconic looks already. Autobrite Direct Final Finish teamed with Cartecs 1200 polish brought the paint to a level I was happy to send it out the door with my name on. This gloss was then richly enhanced with Pyramid Car Cares ODK Ceramic Wax, which provides up to 6 months protection....not bad for a wax!

And just to cap off a couple of hectic days, my new flooring from Garage Floors Direct rocked up, and with massive help from my youngest Daughter, we managed to get the whole flooring laid in just a few hours!

So enjoy watching the transformation of both this stunning Ford Focus ST with a hint of garage styling thrown in too!

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00:23 Introduction and Garage Chat
01:53 Initial paint inspection
03:27 First cut and a 50/50
05:30 Products used
07:03 End of Day 1
08:08 Day 2
08:52 All polished and products used
09:43 Protection time!
11:05 New garage flooring
11:50 Outdoor shots!
13:57 Outro and the finished car!


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