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We're back! 1 week off the Wicked Classic Car detailing because we did not have one to work on! I've got a 1970 Chevelle here today for some classic car paint correction and an Artdeshine Nano Graphene coating install after! This classic muscle car saw the 1969 Camaro we did in the last episode where we reviewed @Gloss It 9h ceramic coating and the Gloss It Evo 21 Dual action polisher and needed to have his classic car detailed. We're gonna do this episode at our new shop at 1921 E Deere Avenue Santa Ana Ca 92705.

We spent a few days on this car so we could film it and I apologize in advance my microphone first died a couple times so theres some random voicing over and then also I think I had the volume turned up way too high on the microphone because some of the sound is not great, I will work on it for next time but by the time I realized I was already editing the video.

For washing it I am going to go and steal some Artdeshine Bio Clean and Shine out of my inventory which is a waterless wash product we sell for maintenance on ceramic coatings after our paint correction and ceramic coating work. The Chevelle is only lightly dirty so its a perfect time to test out this product for you guys. The Artdeshine Bio Clean and Shine Waterless is a great product with cleaning power similar to Feynlab Pure Rinse Less wash. How do you use waterless wash? First you spray the panel with the waterless wash, then you spray your towel with the waterless wash and then wipe the panel with one side of your microfiber towel and then finish with a dry side. Waterless wash is incredibly easy to use.

The car is barely contaminated also so we are using the @NANOSKIN Car Care Products fine nano clay sponge and shine supply shine mist clay lubricant to clay the 1970 chevelle before we move on to some classic car paint correction.

Now onto the muscle car restoration, I am going to do another compound comparison also using Gloss It heavy cut 800, gloss it cut finish 2000 and shine supply classic cut before deciding what to do for paint correction on this car. I taped off 3 sections and tested each compound. The Gloss It heavy cut 800 was too aggressive but it left buffer trails behind, the gloss it cut finish did a phenomenal job of cutting and finishing but it left some deep stuff behind, the classic cut cleared up everything with minor DA haze so I decided to roll with that for step 1. The car was fairly swirly and my paint depth measurements were all over the place on this repaint but it had a decent amount of paint to work with. Step 2 was done with a black foam pad and shine supply classic polish which finished out everything perfectly, we then ran down the car with an alcohol based panel prep spray before applying the artdeshine nano graphene coating to the paint as protection. The owner was super stoked when he picked it up and was astounded at how good we made a 51 year car look after a few days the wicked auto detailing shop. Check out our other videos!

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