Car Detailing A very Dirty Hyundai Santafe| Complete Exterior and Interior Detail| ASMR Deep Clean.

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ASMR Detail and satisfying cleaning of a very dirty 2018 Hyundai Santafe dirty family SUV, in this video, we will be detailing the complete exterior and interior of this very dirty SUV, this car was beaten by the harsh winter, and is in a dire need of a deep clean.
so First, we will start with a simple water rinse to remove the dirt and mud, then we will apply a hand wash, followed by tires and floor mats cleaning. and Finally, we will start a full interior detail starting with vacuuming and steam cleaning then we will apply carpet shampooing and carpet extraction.
make sure you watch the full video to enjoy it completely.
oddly satisfying to watch detailing videos.
we hope you like our full details.


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