2021 Apache RTR200 BS6 Ceramic Coating | AUTO DETAILING VLOGS 010

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Greetings and welcome back to my channel.
In today's video, i take you through the process of some concours paint correction and protection job on the new 2021 TVS apache RTR200 4V BS6.
The paint on this was super soft solid black and trust me it was a real challenge with all the paint transfer and shit. But with my past years of experience i had managed to correct the paint while also retaining the paint as much as possible. it certainly looks great than it was. Hope you enjoy this video.
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I'm a professional auto detailer, specialist in paint restoration and application of paint protections like car wax, paint sealants, ceramic coatings and PPF-paint protection film. If you are looking for any professional detailing services for your vehicle feel free to contact me.
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