75hr Detail | Rare 90s Nissan VZ-R N1 Spec II Pulsar | P2 Wheels, Engine Bay & Interior!

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Products used in video:
Shine Supply Throw Back:
Shine Supply Throw Back

Nv Nova Wheel:
Nova Wheel | Ceramic Wheel Coating

Foam Applicator:
SGCB Premium Wax Applicator

Shine Mate EB351 12/3 Polisher:
Shine Mate EB351-3/12 3" Cordless Polisher

Rupes TA50 Polisher:
Rupes TA50 Orbital Sander/Polisher (AIR)

Lake Country Microfibre Polishing Pad:
Lake Country Microfiber Polishing Pad

Lake Country Fibre Cutting Pad:
Lake Country Microfiber Cutting Pads

Shine Mate Microfibre Pad:
Shine Mate 'Spot Polishing' Microfiber Pad 1/2/3"

Carpro Metallicut:
CarPro MetalliCut

Nv Precision Compound:
Precision | Cutting Compound

CarPro Perl Dressing:
CarPro PERL Surface Coating

Tide Dual Applicator:
TIDE | Dual Applicator

Nv Guardian Interior Coating:
Guardian | Leather Coating

Music tracks in order of play:
Fortitude by Lance Conrad

Waterfall by MILANO

Night Chase by Raz Burg

10 by Tomer Ben Air

Easy World by Shay Raviv

Run by Tristan Barton

Let it Slip by Fat West

Bits and pieces by Stanley Gurvich

Badlands by Casey Parnell


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