Deep Cleaning The SCARIEST & NASTIEST Car On YouTube!! | Insane POV ASMR Detailing Transformation!

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Deep Cleaning The SCARIEST & NASTIEST Car On YouTube!! | Insane POV ASMR Detailing Transformation! The video everyone has been waiting on!! the POV video of this nightmare detail!

This Car was hands down the nastiest vehicle I've ever seen! From the insane amount of roaches and spiders to the smell this SUV had was something I will never forget. After 20 bug bombs a ozone machine and 100 hours of deep cleaning this NIGHTMARE of a detail is back to it's factory condition!!

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Interior Dressing:

Products Used:
Carpet Cleaner :
Leather Cleaner :
Leather Conditioner :
Tire Cleaner :
Algae pre-rinse :
Car shampoo :
Wheel Cleaner :
Tire/Trim Gel :
Pressure washer :
HD Speed :
Drill Brushes :
Pet Hair :
Black Nitrile Gloves :
Foam Cannon :
Rupes Polisher :
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush :
Wheel Brush :

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