Microfiber Towels for Car Detailing – How to Pick the Right Car Wash Towel.

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With so many towels to choose from, how do you know which one is the most suitable for the car detailing? Our video shows you more, coordinating your towels not only looks more professional but it also reduces the chances of cross contaminating and bring them to areas they shouldn't be. Daily cleaning with Microfiber Wash will keep your towels working efficiently and adding their longevity.

C40420-Ultrasonic Hot Edge Cutting Technology

C40753-Microfiber Thickening Car Towel

C40223-Yellow and Gray, Double Color Microfiber Towel

C37722-Waffle Style Car Glass Cleaning

C39932-Gray Polyester Fiber

C37777-Automobiles Cleaning Accessories- Car Detailing


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