Proper Car Wash Method for use on Tesla Vehicles | Devon PA Tesla | Ceramic Pro for Tesla

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Devon, PA Tesla | Ceramic Coating for Tesla.

This is a complete and comprehensive guide to maintain your Tesla. You can use the wash method here on a ceramic coated and non-ceramic coated vehicle.

Total Detailing specializes in ceramic coatings, ppf paint protection film and window tinting for Tesla's. We work on these vehicles day in and day out.

Total Detailing Auto Surface Protection - Your Tesla Protection Specialists


581 W. High St.
Pottstown, PA 19464

AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer:​
Maxshine Soft Detailing Brushes:​​
SGS28 Spray Gun:​​
SGS35 Spray Gun:​​
MTM Hydro 20” Lance:​​
Wheel brush:​
Foam Cannon:​
Drying Towel:​
Wash Mitt:​
CRUSH SiO2 Detailer Concentrate:​
Kinetic Detail Spray:​
DRIFT Shampoo:​
Air Dryer:

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