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Auto Detailing Videos Youtube? We got you. Today we've just finished paint correction on a 2021 Porsche Cayenne and applied Artdeshine Nano Graphene coating on its exterior. We have decided to put the Gloss It Wheel and Caliper Ceramic Coating and the @Gloss It Plastic Renew and Protect ceramic coating on the wheels and calipers as well as the plastic trim of this new 2021 Porsche Cayenne.

I picked up the gloss it wheel and caliper ceramic coating and the gloss it plastic renew and protect ceramic coating when I was in Las Vegas Nevada at the Gloss It University detailing training after Wicked Auto Detailing became certified Gloss It ceramic coating installers.

I am going to start with the Gloss It Plastic renew and protect ceramic coating on the many plastic trim panels on this porsche cayenne. ITs easy to apply, saturate the applicator and apply a nice thick layer. Go around and apply the ceramic coating to all the trim before coming back around to wipe off excess product with a microfiber towel. The plastic ceramic coating doesn't start out super hydrophobic but after a week of curing when the car came back for a wash the trim was highly hydrophobic with the Gloss It plastic renew and protection ceramic coating. Is this the best product for trim restore? I will have to find out again after we order some more and try it out on some old faded trim to see how well it will do as a trim restoration product.

For the Gloss It Wheel and caliper ceramic coating I will be using my airbrush to spray the wheel (maskless yes, I know a terrible idea but I honestly was not really thinking about it until later when I hated my life), using an air brush hits all the crevices and inbetween bolts on 2 or 3 piece wheels, it will also hit the barrel and the calipers with ease even with wheels on the car. The master airbrush is a great and pretty inexpensive air brush tool that can be purchased on This coating also appeared not to be super hydrophobic at first even when topped off with the Gloss It ceramic spray sealant, but after they came back for the first car wash after ceramic coating they appeared to be very hydrophobic when sprayed with the pressure washer.

both of these ceramic coating products are great additions to the ceramic coating arsenal here at Wicked Auto Detailing. These are great products that any professional detailer should check out. I also highly recommend the Gloss It university if you are looking to change your detail game and grow your business. They also have a bunch of other great cool products and tools as well.

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