Golden Nozzle Car Wash: Milford Site

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*This is a Re-upload as the other version had some issues with the quality. I hope you all understand!

Here is a very interesting Golden Nozzle location that I filmed today. The reason why I say interesting is because of the equipment that is inside the tunnel.

This car wash was acquired by Golden Nozzle back in mid 2017. Before that, it was named Green Street Auto Spa. At that time, it also had a detailing center and Mobil 1 Service bays. But when Golden Nozzle purchased this wash, both closed down so Golden Nozzle can focus on the tunnel wash. Speaking of tunnel wash, the setup is quite interesting. It has some rare pieces of equipment in it.

As we pulled up, I thought I was going to film an older Sonny’s tunnel as I saw older Sonny’s dryers on Google maps. But when we pulled in, there was a massive Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine promotional arch in front of 2 mitters. But when I saw what type of mitters they were, I was VERY surprised. I thought I’d NEVER see them here.

They were older Belanger Mitters! Which means this wash could’ve had some older Belanger equipment in it at one point, but got replaced. There is also a broken vintage Mitter in the tunnel as well, but I don’t know what type it is. It kinda looks like a old Belanger unit but I couldn’t tell. Most of the old Sonny’s dryers have been replaced with newer ones, but there are still some older ones left.

We used our $44.99 Unlimited Wash Pass which gives us the best wash Golden Nozzle has. It includes:

*Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine
*Simoniz Tire Shine
*Rim Clean
*Clear Coat Conditioner
*Underbody Rinse
*Soft Cloth Wash

Wash Quality: amazing! The wash did a fantastic job of getting the bugs and salt off of our car!


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