Royal Splash Car Wash

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Here is another car wash that I did during my trip in Medon/Milford. This wash is newer out of the 3 that I did today.

This car wash was built in late 2017, but didn’t open until the start of 2018. This wash features a fairly short express tunnel, 2 express detailing bays and multiple free vacuums. The gas station next to this is affiliated with this wash, as they offer discounts on washes if you buy one at the pump. I guess they wanted to fill up the empty land next to them so they decided to build a car wash.

Like most newer car washes near me, the express tunnel here features Sonny’s equipment, but it has a different set up than any of the other Sonny’s tunnels in my area. It has multiple Mr. Foamer Foamers, a SFM901 Front to Back Mitter, Spyder wraps, Top Mount Side Washers, a SFM807 Side to Side Mitter, rinse arches and dryers. Surprisingly, the original Elephant Ear nozzles are still there, as most have been replaced with the Mammoth nozzles.

Royal Splash Car Wash uses Formula Finish chemicals, including the Synthetic Hot Wax. As of 2021, they haven’t added any Ceramic product to their tunnel yet. Same goes to the Lowell Auto Spa in Lowell MA.

The wash shown in this video was the $20 Extreme Wash which included:

*Formula Finish Synthetic Hot Wax
*Foam Glaze
*Triple Foam
*Wheel Cleaner
*Wheel & Rocker Blaster
*Underbody Wash
*High Gloss Clear Coat
*Spot Free Rinse
*Foam Bath
*Touch Free Dry

Wash Quality: very good!


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