Car DETAILING A Super Muddy, Super Dirty Work Truck| Deep Cleaning Dirty 2018 F150 XLT| ASMR Detail

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Detailing A Very Muddy, Very Dirty Ford F150 XLT Truck, This Truck is very dirty, mud, salt, stains, hair, dirt...the dirty truck hasn't been detailed for over 3 years, and is in a dire need of a thorough deep cleaning. We will start our Extreme Detail with an exterior Hand wash, followed by tires cleaning and rims washing, and after we finally rinse the car and wipe it down using very soft micro-fiber towels, we will clean the floor mats, before starting the full car interior deep cleaning, Which will be composed of a deep car interior vacuuming, followed by deep interior steam cleaning and finally, deep seats and carpet shampooing and extraction.
Make sure you watch the full video to enjoy the satisfying cleaning video. ASMR Style, no music.
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