Earn Big Money from Ceramic Coatings // £100+ PER HOUR Car Detailer Secrets Revealed!

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Ceramic Coatings can easily earn you £100+ Per Hour and I Reveal some of my secrets from the Detailing & Mobile Car Valeting Industry to help you reach that target!

In this Video I will also show you How to Apply a ceramic Coating by Pyramid Car Care and go through my thoughts on how get the big earning clients.

Pyramid Car Care Discount Code for the UK Market. This is definitely one of the Best Ceramic Car coatings for beginners.

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or alternatively visit Pyramid Car Care here to get 20% automatically deducted from your basket.

The Car featured in todays video is a Porsche 911 GTS. For final results watch till the end.

Car Cleaning Equipment I use:

My Pressure Washer -
My Vac -
My steam cleaner -
Soft Brushes i use -
Car Dryer Same spec as mine -
G Techniq Wash Mitt -
Kent Wash Noodle -
Buckets & Grit Guards - Yum Cars

Cameras used to film:

Sony Camera -
My Mic -
Tripod -

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Disclaimer: Products used in this video have been purchased with my own money. However This video may contain affiliate links so we may make a small portion of earnings off any sales made through links which will support this detailing channel.


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