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In todays driving fails video, we compiled the newest clips featuring road rage, bad drivers and car crashes in 2021. And remember folks, only here you can watch it first. Stay tuned!

Avoid angering others. Drive the speed limit, use turn signals, obey traffic signs and signals, and yield whenever possible. Don't gesture at other drivers, not even a headshake.

Get away from drivers who are angry or driving badly. Don't stare, glare, honk, or retaliate -- that fuels the fire. Instead, put distance between yourself and that driver.

Manage your own anger by empathizing with the other driver (assume he or she is having a hard day or made an honest mistake).

Remember that you can't control other drivers. You can only control your reactions to them.

Commonly causes of Car Collision:

Unsafe Lane Changes.
A responsible driver lets other motorists know if he or she is about to change lanes or turn by signaling. Drivers who change lanes suddenly, weave from lane to lane, or drift out of lanes are responsible for many and serious car accidents. A driver making an unsafe lane change may sideswipe another vehicle or force another motorist off the road to avoid a collision.

Speeding, Failure to Control Speed.
Drivers are required to obey posted speed limits. Unfortunately, many drivers make a habit of exceeding the posted speed limit or driving too fast during poor traffic or weather conditions. These drivers put all others sharing the road at risk, as they cannot bring the vehicle to a safe stop when necessary, among other dangers.

Disregard of Traffic Lights, Signals or Stop Signs.
Drivers who disregard traffic lights, speed through yellow lights too late, or do not stop at stop signs are responsible for causing many serious or fatal car crashes that occur in intersections.

Wrong-Way Driving.
Drunk drivers and other drivers make serious mistakes, one of which is entering a street or highway and driving into oncoming traffic. Wrong way driving on interstates often leads to head-on collisions.

Distractions in Vehicle.
Distracted driving involves any activity that takes a driver’s attention off the task of driving. In-vehicle distractions include talking to passengers, as well as manual distractions such as adjusting in-car electronic systems, eating, and applying makeup.

Unsafe Passing.
When drivers fail to follow traffic laws and try to pass improperly, they endanger others sharing the road. An aggressive driver may cause an accident by trying to pass in a no-passing zone or attempting to pass when there is with not enough room to do so safely. Improper passing may include passing on the right, passing on the road shoulder, passing in a construction zone or passing on a two-lane road with limited visibility.

Failure to Yield
A driver who fails to yield the right of way when entering an intersection, a roundabout or merging onto a highway can cause a serious injury crash. If a driver is required to yield at an intersection and is involved in a collision because the driver drove past a yield sign without yielding, the crash may be used as evidence that the driver failed to yield and is at fault.

Unsafe Backing.
Drivers who back out of driveways, parking lots and other areas unsafely have injured others by their actions. Drivers may not back a vehicle on the shoulder or roadway of a limited-access highway.


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