How To Correctly Apply a Car Windscreen/Glass Coating! | Nv Nova Glass |

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Products used in video:
Nv Snow+
Snow+ | Heavy Duty Wash

Economax Clay Cloth
Economax Clay Cloth

CarPro ImmoLube
CarPro ImmoLube

PoorBoys Surface Prep

Nv Finesse
Finesse | Versatile Finishing Compound

Tide Applicator
TIDE | Dual Applicator

Lake Country HDO Microfibre Cutting Pad
Lake Country Microfiber HDO Cutting Pad

Shine Mate EB351 3/12 Polisher
Shine Mate EB351-3/12 3" Cordless Polisher

Shine Mate EB351 5/15 Polisher
Shine Mate EB351-5/15 5" Cordless Polisher

Nv Nova Glass
Nova Glass | Windscreen & Glass Coating

Music track:
When the Sunrise by Sivan Talmor


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