Professional Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Car Detailing – Must Have Detailing Machine

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A WD-30 Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner feature a 30 litre containing for vacuuming large quantities of dirt of all kinds, has optimum ergonomic features, and a compact design for easy handling.

Power Supply:- Single Motor
Power Absorption:- 1500 W
Tank Capacity Steel:- 30 Litre
Hose Pipe:- 2.5 MT
Operating Voltage :- 220 - 240 Voltage
Weight:- 10KG
Length of Cable:- 5 MT
Air Flow:- 53L/S
Cooling:- Recycle
Vacuum Suction:- 210 Bar
On/Off Switch - Yes


1:- Strong and sturdy:- Long Lasting durable steel body
2:- Multi-Tool Attachment: Specialized tools for thorough cleaning of the car interior.
3:- Superior Filtration: Reusable MIF filter with a sponge helps to remove even the finest of dust particles.
4:- Easy Maneuverability: Strong wheels with 360-degree rotation.
5:- Light Weight

Standard Accessories
- Dry Basket
- Service Tool
- Brush
- Hose Pipe
- Upholstery Nozzle

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