Dirtiest Car Detailing Ever| Deep Cleaning the Muddiest, Hairiest and dustiest Jeep Wrangler| ASMR

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Car Detailing the Dirtiest 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport Edition. This Car Exterior and Interior are a Disaster, The exterior is supper muddy, and needs an exterior deep hand wash, while the interior is extremely dirty, with loads of hair, mud, dirt, dust and debris.
So, we will start our car deep cleaning with an exterior hand wash, we will also clean the tires, before we start our full car interior detailing , by applying a deep interior vacuuming all over the car interior, we will use a rubber brush and a furs-off rock to remove pet hair from the car interior seats and carpet. After the deep vacuuming, we will start steam cleaning the Car interior vinyl, plastic and rubber, including, the door's interior, the dashboard, the center console, the glass interior, the steps and the wheel, And Finally, we will apply a deep shampooing and extraction for the seats and the carpet.
Make sure you watch the full detailing video to enjoy the insane transformation, very satisfying to watch, and ASMR detailing style.


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