Detailing a Used Car to Get the Highest Sale Price

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This is the first video on our series about How to Get the Maximum Sale Price on Your Used Car!

Whether you are preparing to sell your car, or you want to improve the looks of your vehicle, you will want to see this video series!

We're detailing and restoring a 2011 Porsche Cayenne S in this video series. Mechanically, the car has been well-maintained. However, it really needs an extensive detail to restore and improve the looks. This makes a dramatic difference in how the car presents itself to a potential buyer.

As we transform this rough-looking Cayenne into a beauty, we progress through the initial detailing stages and show you the before and after on what doing an extensive detail looks like.

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►Items used in this video:

➠Exterior Car Wash Products:
➠Decontamination Car Wash Products:
➠Wheel Cleaning Products:
➠Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Products:
➠Interior Cleaning and Detailing Products:
➠Ceramic Coating Products:
➠Finishing Touches Products :
➠CarPro Lift:
➠OBSSSSD Auto Wash Car Wash Soap:
➠MTM Hydro Foam Cannon:
➠Microfiber Madness
➠Carwash Bucket Kit:
➠Nextzett Colortec Wheel Cleaner here:
➠OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner Gel
➠EZ DETAIL Wheel Brush
➠WHEEL WOOLIES Round Detail Brush
➠Curved Tire Brush
➠OBSSSSD Protection Towel:

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