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How I go about the job and an explanation at the end. Didn't get it all on camera as the weather started to turn. This is NOT a 'how-to video' but rather how I go about doing things.

Products Used:
ADBL Tyre and Rubber cleaner
Ferrum Fallout Remover
Meguiar's Endurance Tyre Gel
Unbranded Snowfoam (crap) ADBL Yeti is the normal one
Sonax BSD Brilliant Shine Detailer (diluted slightly)
Rain-X Glass Treatment
ADBL Bonnet Upholstery and Headliner cleaner
ADBL Interior Wow
ADBL Shampoo
ADBL Drying Towel
Bryant R1 Trim Restorer
Copius amounts of microfiber cloths
ADBL Wash Mitts, a separate one for the lower portion of the car.
ADBL Wheel Brush
Workstuff detailing brushes
Workstuff Tyre Dressing Applicator

All these products are available from: Peter Kaminski OCD Ferbane Co Offally
and Larry Keogh New Ross Co Wexford

Music Credits:
Royalty Free Music
Artist : Ethan Meixsell
Title : Double Helix
Genre : Rock
Mood : Dark
Audio Library

Music provided by RFM:

Music promoted by 1HMNC - No Copyright Music
Silent Partner - Parasail


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