7 Steps How We Transform BMW 2002 FROM JUNKYARD to CAR SHOW

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This is the step by step how we completely change the look and also raised the value of this BMW 2002. First we washed the car, then we use clay bar for cleaning the paint, after that we remove some parts for better access in Paint Correction process, after removing part we masked the rest of the car we don't want touch with buffer and potentially damage it. After masking process we measure the thickness of the paint with paint meter and start the first step of paint correction which is "cutting step" and we used 5" microfiber cutting pad from Meguiars with one of our favorite medium cutting compounds which is Jescar Correcting Compound (easy to use and easy to wipe down) after "cutting" step we switch pad for medium foam pad from Lake Country (orange) and for polishing we like a lot Sonax Perfect Finish (expansive but one of the best final products). After paint correction we clean everything with alcohol (premix with water) to prep the paint for ceramic coating. The final step was install everything back and inspect the car before our client will pick it up.

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We believe that we are the first and only one detailing studio on the West coast of the USA who operate DRY ICE MACHINE ColdJet PCS60. Which makes us very unique. We can offer the same perfection underneath your car like we do on exterior or interior.
We are truly one stop shop.

Dry Ice Cleaning is a non-abrasive method that safely cleans surfaces and/or removes unwanted coatings. We can clean leather/fabric interior, we can clean paint on the car if we want and at the same time we can strip the paint down from the car if we want. Depend on settings


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