SAY YES to DISGUSTING FARM TRUCKS… How To Profit From Trash Details!

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Drill Brushes:
Renegade Citrus All Purpose Cleaner:
Detailing Steamer:
Power Drill:
AMAZING Detail Brushes:
Magic Erasers:
Non Abrasive Scrub Pads:
Spray Bottles:
Spray Heads:
Multi-Purpose Microfiber Towels:
Rigid Vacuum Cleaner:
Electric Pressure Washer:
Pressurized Pump Sprayer:

What do you do with a customer who wants EVERYTHING FOR NOTHING?!

Well... if you are building an auto detailing business, get used to this because these kinds of customers are just waiting at your door step. The problem is, most detailers want to turn these customers away without even TRYING to have a conversation that may bring a win win.

We work too hard as detailers to negotiate with customers who have disgusting vehicles on price. What if there was a better way to talk with customers who want to negotiate with your "high price?" Well... there is! And after a decade in the detailing business, I want to give you all a step by step example of a customer interaction when they want a lower price!

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