Deep Cleaning MY NASTY Mazda3 🤢 | Interior Car Detailing & Extraction

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Deep Cleaning MY NASTY Mazdaspeed3 | Interior Car Detailing & Extraction. This is my new car! Well... it didn't feel new before, but now it's super clean! Here is how I did an interior detail to transform my NASTY car.

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US Links

Bissel SpotClean Pro Extractor
Wet/Dry Vacuum
McCulloh MC1375 Steam Cleaner
Drill Brush
Pet Hair Lilly Brush
Detail Brush Kit
Gallon Pump Sprayer
Foam Pump Sprayer
Microfiber Towels
Pressure Washer
Wheel Brush
Tire Brush
Leather Brush

P&S All Performance Dressing
VRP Interior Dressing
Glass Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner
Interior Cleaner (10:1)
Tire Cleaner (4:1)


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